Wedding Party


Kate Mahn, Maid of Honor

Kate is Erin’s younger sister and a lifelong confidant for Erin. Through the trials of growing up and sharing life together these two have only become closer with each passing year. Erin is so excited to have Kate by her side on her wedding day. Kate lives in Philadelphia.

Mirai Booth-Ong

Erin and Mirai became close friends freshman year in college and later were college roommates. They may live on separate coasts, but they are inseparable. From sharing closets to Skype dates to (almost) annual reunions, Mirai is like a sister to Erin. Mirai lives in Los Angeles.

Kendra Marr Chaikind

Kendra and Josh met while interning at the Washington Post. She became close friends with Erin too, long before Josh asked Erin out. She has watched the relationship grow from flirtation to dating to engagement — and next — to marriage. Josh and Erin went on many double dates in Baltimore with Kendra and her husband, Brian. They now reside in Boston.

Amanda Martini

Erin and Mandy are sorority sisters and grew closer when Mandy moved to DC. They can often be found at bottomless brunches or drinking margaritas on roof decks, while Mandy entertains Erin with her infamous storytelling. Mandy lives in Washington.

Allison Peters

Erin and Allie were roommates in Washington where they spent numerous nights drinking wine and eating cake pops. Erin and Allie (and sometimes honorary roommate Josh) were close but the three grew even closer after one fateful night (ask Allie about the mouse incident of 2011). Allie lives in Washington.


Paul Zumbrun, Best Man

Paul is Josh’s brother, best friend, and roommate from ages 3 to 18 and again from age 24 to 30. They share a deep and abiding love of hippos and hatred of alphabetical order. Paul also designed this website (thank you!). He lives in Minneapolis.

Nick Timiraos

Nick and Josh became friends after spending many late nights at the college newspaper. After 8 years working at rival news organizations, Josh joined Nick at the Wall Street Journal where they plan to win a Pulitzer together. Josh is happy to be back in a newsroom close enough to Nick to throw pencils at him. Nick lives in Washington.


Kurdyla and Josh ... can't think of anything nice to say ... will update later.

Justin Dickerson

Justin is Josh’s attorney. They met at Georgetown and have remained in close touch as Josh consults regularly on his legal affairs, lions and hippos. Justin loves traffic jams and parking lots and so he lives in Los Angeles.

Steve Alleva

Steve and Josh lived on the same floor freshman year and he became one of Josh's first friends at Georgetown. They were roommates for the next 5 years. Josh and Steve can be seen cheering on the Hoyas basketball team. Steve is originally from New York but now resides in the suburbs of Atlanta.