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Our Story

How We Met

Shortly after Snowmageddon, Josh and Erin met in Washington, DC. Josh was living in DC and Erin was in Annapolis at the time. We were friends for about nine months. In the first weekend of November 2010, Josh went to New Orleans on a work trip and, just for fun, went to see one of the psychics in Jackson Square. The psychic told Josh that he would "soon find the love of a wonderful, beautiful girl. Probably by Thanksgiving, definitely by Christmas."

It seemed improbable — Thanksgiving was only three weeks away. But on the other hand, the psychic had a sign that said she was a 10th-Generation True Born Psychic. Sounded legit. At a party the weekend before Thanksgiving, Erin told Josh that she was planning to move to DC early next year. Determined not to blow it with this pretty girl from Annapolis, Josh asked her out on the spot.

Our Proposal!

On a trip to New Orleans in May 2014, only a few hours after landing, we went for a walk to explore the area around our hotel (Josh couldn't wait a moment longer). We walked through Jackson Square, where Josh had met the psychic years earlier.

Josh led Erin across the street and up to a landing, with views of the square, park, and cathedral on one side and the Mississippi River on the other. There was a little street band playing and we paused to look out over the square.

Suddenly, the street band started playing our song (Peter Gabriel's "The Book of Love"). Erin lit up with surprise and delight and said "hey, they're playing our song." Josh grinned and said "what are the odds of that?"

Josh got down on one knee. And he had a whole speech worked up but, to be honest, he got a little bit choked up and didn't get much out other than "Will you marry me?" Erin said "Yes, of course, yes!"

Unfortunately, Josh and Erin couldn’t find the 10th-Generation True Born Psychic to thank her.